Sanitary Hot Water (S.H.W.)

We develop and install the most efficient sanitary hot water systems, always working under stringent quality and health parameters.

We are experts in engineering and maintenance of sanitary hot water installations. That is why in NCLIMAG we implement solutions designed and optimized for the needs of each client, always working under the highest quality standards in order to always achieve the best results in each project.

Counting with the best and most qualified professionals in our team, we develop systems capable of producing hot water with any type of energy (electricity, gas, etc.), for projects of all sizes. To do this, we always start from the comprehensive analysis of the initial situation, in order to assess various alternatives (forms of production, schemes, etc.) and offer the right approach for each situation.

Whether for individual installations such as power plants, and for both instantaneous production systems and production with accumulation, each of our work is made with the best materials, provided by the best and most major brands. So not only we guarantee the proper execution of the work, but also to obtain optimal results and a long service life for each installation.

Aware of the responsibility we have on the health of people, we continually work with an eye on the importance of combating legionella in domestic sanitary hot water. To do this we work under the strictest parameters prevention designed under the rules and legislation.


Hotels, restaurants, clinics or hospitals are some of the establishments that require sanitary hot water to perform their daily tasks. But not only that, but they need the water to be of the highest purity, aware that any loss in the quality of this can already trigger not in a lack of comfort for its customers, but even can affect their health. From NCLIMAG we commit to develop for these establishments SHW systems that best suit the characteristics and needs of each company.


SHW generation requires a significant consumption of energy that is not only not renewable, but it is costly. If we add to this the fact of having to generate industrial quantity of sanitary hot water, it becomes evident the need to use new technologies and develop facilities that make more efficient and economical the use of this energy; Not only to ensure safety, durability and environmental protection, but also to develop a more profitable and sustainable business over time.


  • Calculation of demand for SHT
  • Installation of the new system in accordance with current regulations
  • Design of a new system of SHT
  • Development of the implementation plan of the new system
  • Analysis and inspection of new facilities
  • Commissioning
  • Redesign of an existing system SHT
  • Periodic maintenance of facilities


  • Hot water production at low cost
  • Various equipment options to choose
  • Health Insurance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ability to use mixed equipments
  • Nonpolluting systems
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