Industrial heating

Combining comfort and efficiency, we develop industrial heating systems designed to meet the needs of your company.

Backed by our years of experience in the market, in NCLIMAG we specialize in the design, development and installation of Industrial Heating systems reliable to operate efficiently in all types of spaces: industrial bays, small stores, sports halls, terraces and public spaces.

Our Industrial Heating systems seek not only to meet the needs of your company but to do so in a cost-efficient way. We achieve this avoiding areas where heating is not necessary. The available systems are many and varied and the choice depends on the conditions of the space. Working this way we always try to ensure the most feasible and desirable option for each project.

We are commited to develop the system that best suits the needs of your company. Our team, consisting of technicians, engineers and specialists with extensive experience in the sector will guide you both in the design stage of the project and in the implementation and maintenance. They will be vital to achieve maximum efficiency in industrial heating with further optimization of your investment.


In cold weather, many commercial establishments need to have some areas heated for comfort and well-being of both their customers (in the case of bars, restaurants or gyms, for example) and visitors (hotels, shopping centers, etc.). In NCLIMAG we intend to solve the various requirements of these establishments, so that they can provide customers the comfort they deserve, and also do so in a way that is energy-efficient and cost-effective. This is achieved with high-efficiency technologies for commercial application.


Industrial buildings and factories often also require various industrial heating systems. This is because its activities are conducted in very large spaces where the natural heat is too dispersed, resulting in an unfavorable environment for employees. To optimize working conditions, we develop industrial heating systems that provides significant advantages for the company, such as its high energy efficiency, quality and durability of materials, and the possibility of partial heating of a particular area.


  • Advice for choosing the right system
  • Check results and correction if necessary.
  • Guidance for the efficient use of new facilities
  • Periodic verification of the correct operation of the facilities.
  • Diagnosis and repair of possible damage in older facilities.
  • Ongoing maintenance of comprehensive heating system.


  • Heating fast action
  • Partial heating and in areas.
  • Confortable and uniform heat
  • Adjustable Heat
  • Efficient even drafty
  • Reducing Emissions
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