Industrial ventilation

Seeking maximum ambient air quality, the industrial ventilation systems are designed to enable your company to develop its task optimally.

Specialists in conditioning the environment (air purity, temperature, humidity, etc.), in NCLIMAG we develop projects in industrial ventilation able to create the ideal working conditions for all types of facilities (kitchen of a hotel, an industrial pavilion, factory…). Our projects are always made adapting to the conditions of each place.

Considered as an integral part of the design of an environment, our designs industrial ventilation are made using different techniques and systems that are always suited to the conditions and characteristics of the work environment, operations therein made, and location of different jobs, in the area that we need to ventilate. In this way we ensure not only that the elimination of any pollutant is carried out properly, but also a fresh air and favorable climate conditions is provided.

Always aiming to offer the best results, our team, consisting of leading experts professionals, will design the most effective industrial ventilation system that will not only reach the optimal quality of the environment, but also it will do it in the most efficient manner at all levels. In order to do so they will do some testing to measure the quality of the environment and the capacity of renewal, among other things.


Our ventilation systems are presented as the perfect choice for multiple business sectors that: require high air quality (hospitals or hotels, for example), requires to filter the ambient air due to toxic or vices of the environment (restaurant kitchens, painting workshops, etc.) or renewal thereof because of the tightness by the physical conditions of space (underground areas such as meters or garages). With technologies that meet the needs of each of these spaces, in NCLIMAG we develop the perfect design in order to obtained the best results in each workspace and also to fulfill our customers’ expectations.


There is virtually no industry that does not require an efficient industrial ventilation system for optimal development of their activities. Since there are companies where the environment can be harmful to health, such as steel, automotive or chemical, to others where poor ventilation can affect the reproductive cycle, as in the areas of poultry or livestock farm, every company always needs purity the environment in order to properly perform their daily work. Aware of this, each of our projects will be developed thinking not only in the renovation, air recirculation and filtration area in question, but in people and other living things that are in the environment.


  • Defining the most efficient ventilation system for each environment
  • Assistance for correct operation of the ventilation system
  • Design and arrangement of the elements in space
  • Maintenance of the own facilities or the ones installed by another company
  • Installation of new facilities
  • Repair any fault of our own equipment or one installed by another company
  • Commissioning and measurement of operating parameters


  • Clean and healthy environments
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Check the enclosure heat load
  • Air continually renewed
  • Adequate levels of gases or particles
  • Protect the environment from external pathogens
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