Specialized in the design of air conditioning, we offer solutions tailored to the exact needs of each customer, thanks to our systematic work that enables us to always deliver the required documentation in time and form.


Once the design is completed, we perform assembly facilities under the parameters set by the legislation and regulations in force, with due regard to safety and environmental conditions.


Proper maintenance of the facilities are of vital importance to both extend life of the equipment and their energy efficiency. Therefore, we offer the possibility of hiring an experienced team that will perform the maintenance of its facilities according to the needs and current regulatory requirements.

Industrial air

Industrial Air

Developed for companies and industries that require highly specific climatic conditions (temperature, humidity, air quality, etc), our projects of industrial conditioning include a suitable process engineering, planning and assembly to deliver the best results in the most efficient manner.

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Industrial heating


We develop our industrial heating installations thinking not only in the comfort of employees, but also on optimizing the comfort in the most efficient and economical way.

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Industrial air conditioning

Air conditioning

Either by comfort issues as by productivity, air conditioners have become almost an obligation for any company. In NCLIMAG we develop industrial air conditioning systems that solve their needs for an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Industrial ventilation


Having a clean environment, free of smoke, odors or toxic components, is vital for the productive development of any company, as well as the health of their own employees. In response to this, from NCLIMAG we offer our service ventilation solutions tailored to every need.

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Sanitary Hot Water (S.H.W.)


With efficiency as a flag, and the responsibility to get our hands on the health of many people, we develop all kinds of facilities of Sanitary Hot Water, adapting the design to the qualities and characteristics of each space, in order to obtain the best results in each one of them.

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Industrial refrigeration


From small chillers to large chambers frozen, in NCLIMAG we conducted in full all projects of industrial cold: from the design stage to start up, the planning, and finally, installation and performance measurement.

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