Industrial refrigeration

We combine experience and innovation to create installations that meet the requirements of industrial cooling of your company.

In NCLIMAG we are specialists in the design, construction, implementation, and maintenance of Industrial refrigeration facilities designed for commercial and Industrial Sectors various.

From the application of advanced techniques and the use of new technologies, we Develop thoughtful amenities to meet the needs of each of our conditioning industry clients, always seeking to reduce to a minimum the direct energy consumption and the emission of noise, air emissions, etc.

To achieve these results in an efficient, flexible and cost effective way, we have an experienced team consisting of technicians, engineers and refrigeration specialists able to develop all kinds of projects that will make your company not only meets each of its industrial cooling requirements, but also to reach the highest levels of energy efficiency and rational consumption.


Establishments such as bars, restaurants and hotels, among others, often require cold storage for storing food and raw materials they work with daily. To solve the cooling needs of these companies, in NCLIMAG we have a wide range of products related to industrial cold stores, with which we guarantee efficient and reliable results in each of our projects.


We work for all kinds of companies developing specific, specialized projects and custom always seeking to satisfy the strictest requirements of each of these customers. From highly specialized companies with very strict requirements regarding cold needs and environmental characteristics, such as: the pharmaceutical or chemical; to others with high conservation requirements, such as: meat companies, milk companies or food companies. The combination of technology, planning and expert team is vital to achieve the best results.


  • System design
  • Maintenance of all types of installations
  • Development of technical documentation of the new facilities
  • Measurement and verification of operating parameters
  • Identify and resolve problems of old facilities
  • Repair or replacement of parts, components or equipment
  • Installation of complete works of facilities


  • Versatility as to installation and operation
  • Achieve the indicated temperatures for proper development of your business
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Applicable to areas of any size
  • Fully controllable temperature
  • Use of advanced technologies that are more effective and profitable
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