Industrial air

We develop climate control projects for industrial warehouses and superstores. In order do to so we put to use only the more appropiate equipment and air conditioning systems.

We are a leading company in the field of industrial air conditioning which, driven by our experience and steady growth, will achieve the most efficient development for each of the needs of your business solution.

Reach these results in the most efficient and effective way possible depends not only on choosing the most suitable air conditioning system but also on understanding the specific needs of each project. Therefore,  NCLIMAG will conduct a thorough analysis of situation in order to define the type of HVAC system and control that best suits your needs.

The end result will not only be a consequence of the above. It is also neccesary to have a team of expert engineers, refrigeration and specialized assemblers in the sector, working with the firm intention to make a success of each project and daily challenges. This team will be responsible for designing and carrying out the project, as well as to guide and advice on the use, regulation and control of new facilities.


Not only for production areas but also for office areas, we develop integrated projects that meet the needs of any of its industrial facilities, by using high power equipment for areas where air conditioning is required in high levels.

Committed to performance, efficiency and quality, we design each HVAC system based on weather derivatives requirements of different production processes.


Designed to heat offices, shops, bars and restaurants, among many other options, and seeking to achieve optimal results in terms of efficiency and functionality, we conduct a detailed study of the thermal needs of the local, in order to correctly define the weatherization method best suited to the needs of each case. In this way we offer solutions so that you can create an environment with better working conditions, and so that you can reduce and optimize energy consumption.


  • Previous studies of needs
  • Commissioning of the facility
  • Development of implementation projects
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting or malfunctions of systems installed
  • Management
  • Legalization of facilities
  • Planning and execution of assembly
  • Development of maintenance programs


  • Improve working and production conditions of employees
  • Control of ambient conditions accurately
  • Adaptability to any industry
  • Functional to any area
  • Clean and healthy environment
  • Long life facilities
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Control of ambient conditions accurately
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